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The structure is designed to imitate a game idea. The game logic that makes up the building block continues in the spaces inside the building.

The game experience areas within the building are shaped over 3 main themes. These 3 main themes are: Science, Art and Philosophy.

Inspired by various movements and figures in the world of science, art and philosophy, various games, installations, labyrinths, virtual reality rooms, experimental laboratories have been designed.


It is aimed to create spaces where children's curiosity, knowledge and discovery impulses are encouraged. Various thematic experience areas that make up the world of children are listed below under 3 themes:

1. Art

Mondrian Park, Picasso Puzzle, Monet's gateway...

2. Science

Relativity Corridor, Archimedean Pistons, Newton's Apple Orchard...

3. Philosophy

Empiricism Lab, Pragmatic Maxim, Sphere of Rationalism...

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